Tuesday, April 20, 2010

ThAnKs Ibu (PuAn MaStUrA)

Honestly, i didn't have any idea to write in this blog tonight. I just want to update my blog with wrote about Seminar Teknik Menjawab Soalan Peperiksaan MUET.

Ibu, first of all, thanks a lot because you organized this Seminar . We all appreciates what you have done to helped students in IPG KPM to passed in MUET examinations especially students who taking MUET in this semester..

We in group PL2 proud with you because you always BEST in the best. You always find ways to helped your students and give me motivations.

We all loves you ....=)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Akhirnya dapat juga aku saipkan xsgment setelah bertungkus lumus
memerah otak walaupun tidak dapat menghasilkan setitik air dari
hasil perahan tersebut... HAHAHAHA....!!!!

Fida telah mensycho semua kawan2 yang ada di libry dengan membaca majalah
dihadapan kami kuat2 semasa kami menyiapkan baki2 xsgment yg tinggal ..
bkan main geram aku kt dia kerana membuatkan kami TENSION...!!

hahaha... akhirnya aku pulak yg mensyko kawan2 yg lain dgn
menulis ini dekt blog.. ngeee~ (^-^)

nsib baik facebook kna blocked..
klu x, tentu aku laro dgn MUKA DEPAN
sampaikan xsgment aku tidak ciap...

rupenya ada juga kbaikan knape Penyelaras ICT memblocked muka depan..

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

tO mY BeLoVeD mOtHeR iN IPG KPM (MaDaM MaStUrA) =)

I have learn English from age 5 in kindergarten. At there, i learn many of words. Since in primary school, i was weak in English especially in grammar. My vocabularies were poor and not too widen. I still can remembered about my experiences in primary school until now.

When i was in primary school, I always get scolded by my English’s teacher because i was weak in English and in UPSR trials, i got 4A and 1C. The subject of C was English.
But then, I don’t give up. i started to challenge myself to master English. I worked hard and study more about English to improve my vocabularies and my grammar. With the help from my teachers, finally i managed to passed my English and i got 5A’S in UPSR . Alhamdulillah, Thanks to God.

When i was in secondary school, honestly, i have no confidence to speak in English. I am afraid that people will laugh at me when i spoke broken English because I have problems with my English pronunciation. Still, i did not give up. I am willing to learn English with the help of my friends and teachers. We did a lot of discussions and i learn how to pronounce my English words with them.

I must work hard to make sure that i pass my MUET examination. Now i started to realize that i must work on my own without depending too much on the others. I believe that we must work hard to achieve more.

Friday, April 2, 2010

aBoUt LoVe...=)

LoVe give me the STRENGTH to LiVe,
LoVe gives me AIR to BrEaTh,
LovE gives me the JOY to be HaPpY,
and I give ALL the lOvE for those who really know
how to APPRECIATE my LOVE...

` JuSt FoR u My LoVe... =) `

( MuHd AziM biN AzLaN~)


People always wondering what should they do with their life..in mean time...they always searching what they want to archive in their life...but..in true life..it's not very easy to archive something in life...they must through many option..then..when they has choose which path which they want to through..they must live in it..because every decision u've made..there must be sequances..so..be wise when you make any decision because it will totally change your life when u made any mistake in making any decision..as me...lot of things have going on in my life..but still..as a human being..we have to face that we can't avoid doing any mistake..but..learn from it is briliance..that is why learning history in school are vital..because the conclusion of learning and remembering history is very nesessary to all mankind..so..always learn from history...always reflected everything that u've been through...;theory are worthless without experiance;..think about it...