Tuesday, April 6, 2010

tO mY BeLoVeD mOtHeR iN IPG KPM (MaDaM MaStUrA) =)

I have learn English from age 5 in kindergarten. At there, i learn many of words. Since in primary school, i was weak in English especially in grammar. My vocabularies were poor and not too widen. I still can remembered about my experiences in primary school until now.

When i was in primary school, I always get scolded by my English’s teacher because i was weak in English and in UPSR trials, i got 4A and 1C. The subject of C was English.
But then, I don’t give up. i started to challenge myself to master English. I worked hard and study more about English to improve my vocabularies and my grammar. With the help from my teachers, finally i managed to passed my English and i got 5A’S in UPSR . Alhamdulillah, Thanks to God.

When i was in secondary school, honestly, i have no confidence to speak in English. I am afraid that people will laugh at me when i spoke broken English because I have problems with my English pronunciation. Still, i did not give up. I am willing to learn English with the help of my friends and teachers. We did a lot of discussions and i learn how to pronounce my English words with them.

I must work hard to make sure that i pass my MUET examination. Now i started to realize that i must work on my own without depending too much on the others. I believe that we must work hard to achieve more.


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